Terms and Conditions

We won’t ask for your credit card number or information of your credit card, please pay extra attention to the fraud.

We don’t offer a guarantee or other accountability due to the fact that we are a small business company. (Products attached with ID card is the exception.)

If you have purchased defective goods or wrong shipping goods, please contact us within 3 days, we will help you to solve the problem as soon as possible.
(Giveaway is not included a warranty though.)

We will perform product testing process and check the package before shipping.

If there is any question, please contact the custom service within 3 days upon receiving your giveaway.

We won’t accept your request after the due date.

Check the box to consent to the detailed rules and regulations in order to finish your purchase.

Diamonds and jewelry are custom-made and high-end accessories so please confirm your finger size with the custom service .

Goods will be officially confirmed and consented after you pay the purchase.

Goods cannot be exchanged if that is not damaged.

Re-calibrate your ring size will costs 900$ NTD.

Measurement might have some nuances, if your ring size is inaccurate within the acceptable scope that is natural phenomenon.

1014 has only two platforms which sells products, and also the brick-and -mortal store in Tainan.
Other channels are all illegal, please beware of being tricked.

Using our product photos without obtaining our approval as commercial interest, we will report according to law.

Maliciously place order and refuse to receive package will eternally be on our block list. What’s even worse is that we might resort to lawful approach, if necessary. Please be responsible for yourself.

Our ATM transfer lasts a day long, if you need to cancel, please inform us of that in advance and confirm the cancel, otherwise our system will automatically list you on the block list and derive of your right of purchase.

Products in stock will be shipped around 1-14 days. If we have additional time, the shipping will be around 25-30 days. (Weekends aren’t included)

Due to the airfreight, Korean made products will spend more time.

We won’t accept rush order, thank you for your cooperation.

OR MAILE US:mxiv1014@gmail.com